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Nyalaland Trail, Kruger National Park


Nyalaland Trail, Kruger National Park

The most remote and out of the way Wilderness Trail Camp in Kruger National Park is situated between Punda Maria camp and Pafuri, with the spectacular Lanner and Levhuvhu gorges along the Levhuvhu River as a big attraction. The camp is hidden in a secluded spot on the Madzaringwe River, with towering cliffs of the Soutpansberg Mountains in the background. Punda Maria Rest Camp is the departure point for this trail. The area is one of the best in the country for bird watching and various localised species, such as Verreauxs’ eagle, Pel’s fishing owl, grey-headed parrot, mottled spinetail and a lot more can be seen. The spine tails roost inside a giant baobab tree in the trails camp and can be watched at leisure. If you are trying to add new birds to your bird list, Nyalaland is a good place to be. You may also come across unique game species such as nyala, Sharps grysbok, eland, roan antelope, yellow spotted rock hyrax, elephant shrews and red rock rabbits. The name Nyalaland was given to the trail and camp, as there are many nyala antelope and nyala trees in the area.

Nyalaland trail is set in an area which is botanically very rich with scarce sandveld and dry land vegetation communities. This spectacular wilderness area is the largest concentration of giant baobabs. This is one of the most spectacular trails within the Kruger National Park.

Important cultural sites in the Kruger National Park occur only on the Nyalaland trail, representing Zimbabwe stone culture and San rock art. One of these sites is situated on a hill, high above the Levhuvhu River, seven kilometres from the camp. This is easily accessible and worth the walk to see the spectacular view of the Levhuvhu gorge. Fossilized remains of two types of dinosaurs can be seen, making this area unique. Only guests who visit the Nyalaland trail will have the privilege of seeing these fossils!

Price: From R11.000 per hut (two bed) for the entire multi day trail


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