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Carbon Footprint

We care about the world and the people who live in it. We do not just want you to be able to come on an African Safari or African holiday, we want the next generation to be able to do the same. Abang Africa Travel is therefore committed to offset your carbon footprint whilst travelling, but also our own while being at out office, curating trips and visiting destinations.

The tourism industry is estimated to be responsible for 8% of the world carbon emissions. Flying, train and or boat rides, traveling in a country by car, accommodation, use nonrenewable electricity, excursion, they all contribute to your carbon footprint. So what can you do? Since traveling and the tourism industry also generate income for many families through jobs other opportunities, how do we find the balance? Abang Africa Travel has pledge to offset your carbon footprint whilst traveling, to help you feel positive about your trip and promote eco-tourism and sustainable tourism practices. 

How do we do this?
When curating your dream trip, we always try to do this is the most sustainable way. We prefer to work with sustainable guest houses and other entrepreneurs who share are responsible travel values, we look at the most efficient way to get you from A to B and minimize domestic flights where possible. But, it is inevitable that whilst traveling you will add to your carbon footprint. However, we will calculate the emission for you and offset it at the end of the year, through are various projects. 

At our office, we look at ways to recycle and reuse, aim to be paperless in our practices, and cook from our own vegetable garden.

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