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Travel Africa with all your senses


Travel Africa with all your senses

For us, to travel in Africa is about seeing the magnificent landscape, feeling the sun and rain on your skin, listening to the drum, tasting flavours you didn’t know existed and breathing in the most tantalising scents you can ever imagine. We travel in Africa with all our senses heightened. We will not just curate the most amazing African holiday for you, we will give the best playlist to listen to whilst on your road trip, or maybe you want to play some music with musicians when you are here. Cook up a storm with the matriarch of a family and taste her homecooked meal. Jump in icy cold water in the Cape while driving on the Garden Route or feel the burning sun in the bush on your African safari.   

Travel is about experiencing, living in the present, giving meaning to our existence and that of others, and making friends. It is about seeing and hearing things you have never seen or heard before. It is about so much more than taking home beautiful pictures, it is about being, submerging and about being alive. That way, you will have a memorable journey to reminisce about a lifetime to come.

Let us incorporate all your senses into your next trip.


Hear Africa​

Hear the African beat, the rhythm of the drum, the roar of the lion and the sounds of the waves. The clicks of the tongue of some of our 11 national languages. Or listen to your favourite Africa Jazz while driving through or divine landscape.

How we will make you
hear Africa, on your trip:

  • Zulu or Xhosa language workshops
  • Visiting some of our homestay villages in Lesotho and hear the women sing by the riverbanks, or the young boys chat when they are walking down herding cattle. 
  • Learn how to play the drum or come dance the night away in our local pub shebeens.


Taste Africa​

There are quite a few tastes that South Africa is famous for and we find it difficult to choose our favourite! Wine, whether you fancy a wooden Chardonnay, or the chocolate and coffee notes in a Pinotage. Our wines are famous in the world and it is no wonder that people come to our shores just for the wine. There are so many interesting grape varieties that grow in our winelands, you could do a tasting course and leave South Africa as a wine connoisseur. 

Is it coffee in the morning that floats your boat, why not come and do a barista course, learn how to make the very best cup of coffee and roast your own coffee beans. 

And if you have worked up an appetite, come and do a Cape Malay cooking class. Don’t want to cook yourself? South Africa has many top-rated restaurants and we are more than happy to hook you up!

How we will make you
taste Africa, on your trip:

  • Tasting course, wine, tea, gin, whatever you fancy
  • Cooking workshops and ‘braai’ your own meat lunches
  • We will get you a reservation in one of the top-rated restaurants.


See Africa​

To see Africa, is to see the wildlife in our National Parks, the lion cubs, or the cheetahs out for a kill. If you are lucky, you’ll see an elephant picking marula fruits off the tree. To see Africa, it is to see the abundance of flowers on the West Coast. It is to jump on to a bike in Johannesburg city centre and be amazed by the street art that surrounds you.

How we will make you
see Africa, on your trip:

  • Sunrise game drives in our beautiful game parks
  • Sundowners by the bonfire in Kruger National Park 
  • Graffiti and art tours in Johannesburg 
  • Art galleries open nights in Cape Town


Smell Africa

Smell is one of the most powerful of all your senses. And yes, does Africa deliver! Have you ever smelled rain, smelled it even before it arrived? Before the dark clouds gather in the sky and everything turns black, that moment just before the heaves open up. There is nothing like it in the world…

Have you ever smelled the thick warm air in the bush? A mystical mixture of indigenous flora, dust, the scent of the potato bush and elephant dung. A sense of nostalgia will wash over you. 

Have you been woken in the morning by a cool sea breeze, caring the salty smell of the ocean and the sweet scent of jasmine?

How we will make you
smell Africa, on your trip:

  • Walking safaris in the African bush
  • Walkthrough an ocean of flowers in the West Coast National Park
  • Have a picnic in Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, claimed to be one of the best in the world



Touch Africa​

To feel Africa, is to walk in the indigenous forest chasing waterfalls and feel the droplets fall on your face. Or being caught in the warm summer rain. To feel our sandy beaches, is to feel the hot sand between your toes, running into the icy water in the sea and to jump on your surfboard for your first ever surfing lesson. To feel our art, is to touch the wet clay when one of our village mamas teaches you how to make your own pottery.

How we will make you
touch Africa, on your trip:

  • Horse riding in the wild and indigenous forest on the Garden Route
  • Hiking in Table Mountain National Park
  • Surf lessons in Cape Town  
  • Pottery in a hut on the Wild Coast

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