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The Makushu homestay is a traditional African homestay in the heart of Venda land. It is an exceptionally unique experience.  The drive towards Makushu will take you past hundreds of ancient baobab trees, majestically perched alongside the road and as far as the eye can see – true African Bushveld. The people of Makushu originated from the rich heritage and bloodline of the descendants of famous Mapungubwe. Mapungubwe is an ancient village, now a World Heritage site. Makushu is a close community where members of the community support each other in their everyday challenges and celebrate together in their achievements. They are friendly, welcoming and always excited to share their rich cultural history, myths and legends with you. Today the villagers in Makushu are made up of mostly Venda tradition, although as time goes on you will find other cultures living in the village harmoniously. The community of Makushu is warm hearted welcoming people and will host you in their village with love and excitement. When you visit a homestay in Makushu, your host family will take care of you and you will share in their day to day everyday life. A true authentic experience. So, please do not expect luxury accommodation and porcelain toilets! But you will be sleeping on clean sheets and a comfortable bed. No baths or showers add to the charm, you can wash yourself with a bucket of clean water and soap. Food will be cooked over wood burning fires, using traditional methods and ingredients. We encourage you to get involved and help your host family during cooking times, this is the time when the stories are told! Makushu homestay is guaranteed to offer you the experience of a lifetime and it will teach you about South Africans living in rural areas, today.

ZAR 4490 per person for two nights


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Carbon footprint

It works out on average at 355kg of
CO2 emissions per person, including
all local transport, accommodation,
food, activities, guides, staff and
office operations

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