Why Abang Africa

To travel with Abang Africa, is to travel responsible and positive, with all your 5 senses. We craft African safaris and holidays to explore the lessor known path, the never seen before beauty and meet the wonderful people who call this place home.

From the very beginning in 2005, Abang Africa Travel has been a pioneer in eco tourism and responsible travel.

Abang Africa Travel has from the beginning offered the opportunity to travel
guilt free, in a responsible and ecofriendly way. In a travel positive way.

1.) Travel with your all senses

For us, to traveling in Africa is about seeing the magnificent landscape, feeling the sun and rain on your skin, listening to the drum, tasting flavours
you didn’t know existed and breathing in the most tantalising scents you can
ever imagine.

2.) Positive impact

We work in a transparent way, with fair pricing to ensure that the value chain of tourism gets distributed equally with all the entrepreneurs that make your
holiday wonderful

3.) Carbon neutral

We are committed to offsetting your carbon footprint whilst travelling and also our own.

4.) Sustainable partners

We are Travelife certified and a member of Fairtrade Tourism


Our Story

A very long time ago, our Dutch founder Jaap and his wife, settled on these shores after having travelled the entire globe as marketing executives in the tourism industry, to start their own South African travel agency. As a true peoples person, it is never long before Jaap finds himself in an interesting conversation. And so, one day he met Loyiso Mfuku. Loyiso was working as a security guard at the gateway to Robben Island. Loyiso and Jaap were chatting away about life, work, family, South Africa, politics and missed opportunities in life. They became friends and Jaap, impressed by Loyiso passion and zest for life, asked him to work with him. Jaap taught him everything he knew about the tourism industry and doing business and Loyiso soon became one of the most knowledgeable consultants in the company. It only took the trust, time and mentorship of one person, for Loyiso to learn new skills and excel at the job he didn’t study for, but that now could support him and his whole family.

Inspired by this, Jaap and Loyiso dreamed up Abang Africa Travel. They wanted to have a bigger positive impact and looked for opportunities to support others to create and grow too. Tourism became the vehicle for that opportunity. Together they looked at different ways for local South Africans to share in the benefits that tourism bring, but, concerned of the potentially negative long term effects that tourism also has, think of new more eco friendly ideas to reshape South African holidays and safaris entirely.

Soon after that, Abang Africa Travel became the first Travelife certified tour operator in the world and has since been an advocate for reform in the industry. We want to help create a world where there is a proper place for eco tourism, where conscious travelers make a positive impact whilst curating the most unique and wonderful trips in Southern Africa that anyone can find. The quirky, weird and wonderful experiences that one finds off the beaten track. You can rest assured that we will be looking after our planet, the places you visit and the people you will meet on your travels.

Today Loyiso is the proud owner of this own travel agency, Khayelitsha Travel.


Travel Positive

Abang Africa travel was established in 2010 and we quickly became pioneers in eco tourism and sustainable travel. We are Travelife certified and a member of Fairtrade Tourism. We care about the world and the people who live in it. We do not just want you to able to come on a luxury African safari, we want the next generation to be able to do the same.
Abang Africa Travel is therefore committed to offset your carbon footprint (link to more info on this) whilst travelling, but also our own while curating unique travel trips and exploring more destinations.

We work in a transparent way, with fair pricing and passionate people, to ensure that the value chain of tourism gets distributed equally, with all the small businesses that make your holiday wonderful. That is what sustainable tourism is all about. We only select small scale guesthouses and lodge that shares the values of sustainability with us. We mostly work with guides that are born and raised in areas you seek to explore. And for the true adventurist, we have sourced the best local homestays for you to experienced true African hospitality. We do not work with any reserves or wildlife sanctuaries where animals and wildlife are being used as pets, selfie props or killed.

So whilst you wonder in all the beauty you see, you can rest assured that we will be looking after our planet, the places you visit and people you’ll meet.


Our Team


I grew up on a farm next to the Kruger National Park and attended primary school in Skukuza, inside the park. It’s therefore not unusual that the magnificence of South Africa, travelling and exploring is in my blood, and I love few things more than sharing my love for Southern Africa with international visitors.

GM & Product

I am originally from The Netherlands and have always been looking for adventures. No surprise at all that I would eventually end up in South Africa. South Africa is such a complex and intriguing place. There is wonder and beauty, everywhere you look. My family and I love nothing more than to throw a bag in the car, hit the road and see where we will end up. Each day different.

GM & Marketing

I grew up in Cape Town, a city which is known to be vibrant and diverse, which started my love for experiencing different cultures as well as scenery around the country. As a travel consultant I love to send you off the beaten track, to the hidden gems and best kept secrets.

Travel consultant

Born in the Netherlands, but I fell in love with this beautiful country and its rich culture. Something lots of travelers will understand, once they have visited South Africa. I love creating a tour where we can add something special for you and send you to the less known places. There is so much more to see than just the highlights.

Travel consultant

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