Travel in time of Corona

Travel in time of Corona

I think we are all excited to start travelling the world and exploring, after lockdown. But we are also a bit hesitant with the current situations and regulations in place. How does it look to travel, during this time?

Your trip starts off course with the flight. If you fly within South Africa, you must fill in a health document that is checked upon arrival at the airport, as well as your temperature being taken. If you fly into South Africa, you currently also must show a negative COVID test, not older then72 hours.

This is already quite stressful, mainly the temperature being taking. Cause if your temperature is too high, you won’t be able to board your flight.

Your mind runs from the mask, sanitizing to worrying about sneezing. But once you are past the airport check, it all goes quite smoothly. If you haven’t been in contact with anyone who has had Covid and your temperature is fine, you are ready to go.

In the plane, they try to keep social distancing and COVID rules as much as possible. This results in wearing your masks during the flight. The interesting part is that in the flight (at least within South Africa), all rows are filled. However, when leaving the flight, the plane is emptied row by row, to keep to social distancing rules.

The most difficult part is having to keep up your mask throughout the time. In a plane, this gets quite intense. And even after arriving at the airport, you will not be able to take your mask off, as you will first pick up your rental car. Finally, when in the rental car, you are being able to take your mask off.

When checking in at the accommodation, your temperature is being checked and a health document needs to be filled in. But after you passed the health checks and you have been checked in; rules are quite relaxed. You will wear your facemask when walking around the accommodation,
but once sitting down you can take this off. And you sanitize your hands when entering the building.

Keep in mind that being outside the bigger cities and in nature, rules might be a lot more relaxed than in the bigger cities. Once you are in nature, it is much easier to social distance and be away from people for hours.

Planning to make a trip to South Africa, but a bit nervous? Don’t let this hold you back in planning a trip. However, do think about the time of the year you would like to go. Try travelling outside peak times. It will be so much easier to social distance and it kind of feels like you have the place to