Get to know the strong women of the Nqileni Village and participate in their daily routine.

The Wild Coast is an authentic area in South Africa and the traditional home of the xhosa-people. Stretching from East London in the south to the border of Kwa Zula-Natal in the north, this part of South Africa is less touristic and off-the-beaten-track. Along the way to the Nqileni Village you will pass many small villages.  You will spend a day with local women and learn about their daily routines, about marriage and obligations and how many of them are not able to go to school. However, your will also be amazed to hear how some of these ladies resist against their culture and decide to go to school and not marry. Not a lady yourself? Don’t be shy to participate in this excursion and see how strong the ladies in the community are. The excursion will start by fetching water from the river. Learn how to carry a bucket full of water on your head – the trick is off course not to spill the water and have a full bucket when you are back in the village. Next, you will collect wood for the fire, followed by learning how to cook a traditional lunch. While the food is getting ready, you will get involved in the activities that are happening at that moment. This could be making mud bricks, hewing maize fields, redunging floors, mud-plastering walls or just chatting and hanging out at the “shebeen”. 


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