Have a fun adventure sandboarding down the sand dunes of Namibia!

Namibia is probably most famous for its beautiful deserts and sand dunes. Just looking at the sand dunes makes you want to run to the top and roll down.

Swakopmund is a place that offers different adventure activities in the dunes and sandboarding is one of them. You can choose between stand up or lying down snowboarding.


On lying down sandboarding, you will lie with your stomach on the sandboard, when going down the dune.

Stand up sandboarding is a bit more challenging as you will have to find and keep your balance. Whatever you choose you will enjoy the feeling of riding down the dune at full speed, wind in your hair. Just you, the board and the dunes.


Departure date

  • On request


  • Contact us for a rate, as price depends on date, availability and special requests. Please do not hesitate to get in touch here!

Included in the rate is

  • Transfer
  • Sandboard