Stay with a local family in Makushu and get to know their traditions, culture, history and daily way of life.

The northern province of South Africa is rich in culture and wildlife. An unforgettable experience when visiting this country is to stay a couple of nights with a host family in Makushu. Located at the foot of the surrounding Soutpansberg, among large baobab trees, lies Makushu – a remote and rocky Venda Village with beautiful, traditional houses. 

During your time in Makushu, you will stay with one of the local families and get to know their traditions, culture, history and daily way of life. This is a unique experience for both the visitor as well as the local community members. The first day can be a bit challenging and may move you outside your comfort zone. You have the feeling of getting ‘back-to-basic’ without WIFI or supermarkets close by. Be prepared for a long-drop toilet and showering with a bucket. The houses are often small and the host family has prepared one of their rooms for the guest. Enjoy different traditional meals and try some of the local foods: chicken feet, mopane worms or baobab fruit.

During your time in the village, you will be part of the community and participate in different activities. These could be a morning hike up the mountain with a beautiful view over the village, a village walk to meet the locals, engage with the community and see their arts and crafts, or to assist with making a traditional floor with cow dunk. 

Your time in the village will be an unforgettable experience and leave you with new friendships. Definitely a must-visit during your stay in South Africa.


Departure date

  • On request


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Included in the rate is

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Selection of activities
  • Overnight stay at a homestay