Enjoy a 3-course traditional, home-made lunch at Mama Elmarie’s in Nekkies Township.

Mama Elmerie lives in Nekkies Township, based in Knysna. When staying a couple days in Knysna, or passing by when travelling the Garden Route, a lunch with mama Elmarie is a great stop! She loves hosting overseas travellers and have them experience a 3-course traditional lunch. The food is home-made, prepared and enjoyed in her home. Lunch at Mama Elmarie´s is a great way to meet the locals of Knysna in an informal way. Take a walk around the village while mama Elmarie tells you all about the community and her life.


Departure date

  • On request


  • Contact us for a rate, as price depend on date, availability and special requests. Please do not hesitate to get in touch here!

Included in the rate is

  • Lunch
  • Tour around Nekkies Township