From your destination you drive northwards via Polokwane and Louis Trichardt. Visit Makushu a remote Venda Village in Limpopo Province for authentic community interaction, an highlight of this tour. You will stay with one of the local families, get to know their traditions, culture and daily way of lives. This is a unique experience for both the visitor as the local community members.

Upon arrival in the Royal Kraal you will be welcomed by the Chief and the princess and the Royal Domba dancers. Learn about the village history.

Check into your family home and get to know your hosts before sharing a traditional dinner and storytelling.

Please note that small adjustments can be made to the program due to availability of the villagers. Your accommodation is in a private room. Please note that no bathrooms are available. You will receive a ‘waskom’ bowl of warm water to wash and there are outside long-drop toilets.

Wake up with the sound of an African alarm clock (Cock-adoodle-dooo). Hike up the mountain to get a birds-eye view of the village and the Nzhelele Dam before heading back down for breakfast.

Participate in a colourful traditional walk where you will meet the locals, engage with the community and see their arts and crafts. Enjoy another traditional lunch at one of the other families. Tonight, you will experience the big skies of the Venda land with your qualified astronomer, Abel. Part of the experience is to see how local beer is brewed which you can enjoy at dinner.
In the morning you will continue exploring the Venda traditions, depending on the availability of the locals. Traditional floormaking is much fun, as well as how to learn how do beading work or make woodwork.

After lunch you will spend more time with your family to share stories and join a final dinner with the locals. Together you will visit a local shebeen to have a final drink together and watch the sun go down.

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