Its been called the Jade Sea and stands out like a jewel of an oasis in the harsh surroundings. The region is atmospheric and allows visitors to have authentic tribal encounters off the beaten track. This is the holiday for those with an adventurous spirit. Fossils, craters, volcanoes, and the El Molo tribe, come and explore the land that time forgot.

Take the morning flight from Nairobi to Lodwar. Upon arrival at the airfield you will e met by our
representative and drive directly to Eliye Springs on the shores of Lake Turkana (approximately one hour). The largest desert lake in the world is considered the cradle of mankind because archaeologists discovered some of the most spectacular and ancient hominid remains. At the Eliye Springs Resort.
You will find the Boma, a hotel banda, which is modeled after the traditional straw huts of Turkana, the local tribe. Get familiar with your hotel, enjoy the first hours at the beach. In the late afternoon, visit the nearby fishing village of Longelech and learn how the Turkana operate traditional “shore” -fishing, river fishing. The fishermen prepare freshly caught fish on request at the beach.

After breakfast, depart with the jeep to the north of the lake. On the sand slopes you will travel through
nomads to Kalokol, the center for the Turkana fishermen on the lake. In the bay of Kalokol, Nile perches and tilapias spawn. Your local will take you through one of the traditional villages of Turkana. Visit an authentic boma and learn how the Turkana make their diverse body jewelry and experience the way of life of this nomadic tribe. In Nariokotome visit the old Spanish mission station with its gardens and plants. Many of the locals still speak Spanish. Therefore Nariokotome is also paraphrased as “Little Spain”, The place, however, gained its fame only by the paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey whose team discovered the almost complete skeleton of a 1.6 million-year-old prehistoric species Homo erectus in the Nariokotome river in 1984 near the lake shore. The bone remnants came from a boy about nine years old. Visit the monument with the replica of the Turkana boy and visit the excavation site. Then return to Eliye Springs.

In the middle of Lake Turkana there are three islands of volcanic origin. After breakfast, take a motorboat across to Central Island which is designated as a National Park and therefore a protected area. There are three crater lakes on the island “Crocodile Lake”, “Flamingo Lake” and “Tilapia Lake” these are the most important breeding grounds of the Crocodylus niloticus – the Nile Crocodile. Take a walk between the crater lakes and discover the island. In the evening as the sun goes down head back to Eliye Springs. Optional: For nature lovers – In the evening stay at the beach of Central Island under the Sternenzelt (simple mattress with mosquito net).

Optional: breakfast on the beach of Central Island and accompany your guide on a bird watching tour on the island. Later, the motorboat will take you back to Eliye Springs, where you will spend the day at the beach. Optional: you spend your day relaxing at the beach. In the evening, the resort organizes a “Turkana Night”. Dances, songs at the camp fire, the Turkana mingle with the guests at the fire. Traditionally, a goat is slaughtered and a BBQ is served at the fire

After breakfast, drive to the beach for your boat transfer to the Eastern shores of the lake. Upon arrival you will explore the settlement and the surrounding area in Moite. In addition to the Turkana tribe, the El Molo, one of Kenya’s smallest and rare ethnic groups can also be found in this area, they are exclusively traditional fishermen who live exclusively from the lake. Then visit – if possible – the sacred shrine of El Molo, the palm tree Nasai outside Moites. Our guide will show you the culture and the area and explain why hardly any other tribe in Kenya today is as threatened as the El Molo. In the afternoon the boat will take you back to Eliye Springs.

On the last day you can enjoy beach, lake and sun. On request, guests can enjoy a massage at the resort or a fishing trip. In the afternoon you will go to the last highlight of your trip – a boat trip with a Sundowner.

Transfer to Lodwar for your flight to Nairobi.