Mark Reijnerker

Mark Reijnerker
Travel Consultant and Homestay Training
My internship in South Africa in 2006, to finish my study International Relations, was my first experience outside of Europe. That was also the time I met my (South African) wife and mother of our son. Ever since, South Africa captivates me. The happiness of people, while often having their tough share of challenges, is something that still moves me after all these years. I am still trying to work on becoming as open and as giving as many South Africans. Living in and working from Cape Town, I hope to contribute to sharing the remunerations in tourism locally in a fairer manner, thereby improving the livelihoods of South Africans. Besides doing good, it is also important to enjoy yourself. South Africa is such a diverse country and you can find everything you are looking for in the fields of tourism, sports, spirituality, cultures and nice food to mention a number of aspects. Although I am not a tourist, but a local here in South Africa, I still experience the holiday feeling every week and in the weekends on this side of the world!

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