Judith van de Laar

Judith van de Laar
Travel Consultant and Homestay Training
Born in the Netherlands, but I always had the dream to come to South Africa. After finishing my Bachelor of Pedagogic in 2013, I came to South Africa to volunteer. However I did not expect myself to stay long-term. After falling in love with this beautiful country and rich culture, leaving was no longer an option. Something lots of travelers will understand, once they have visited South Africa. In February 2017, I started working at Abang Africa Travel as a junior consultant. It is great being able to work with and for people who love travelling. I love creating a tour where we can add something special for the client and sending those to the less known places. There is so much more to see than just the highlights. Even after living in South Africa for over 5 years, I am still exploring new places. Besides being a Travel Consultant, I am the homestay facilitator and training the local homestay communities. A highlights for lots of travelers, and a way to uplift the local communities.

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