Ensuring the long-term future of African tourism

Abang Africa Travel aims to be the benchmark in all African markets for responsible tourism, both for the international traveller as well as for the domestic market (suppliers). Abang will be a specialist in this niche with products like community tourism and focus mostly on individual travelers. Where these products don’t exist, Abang will develop its own with a focus on immersion: living ‘with’ the locals, not ‘visiting’. Key values are community, eco, active, experience, learn more on your holiday.

Closer at home, we have our own Abang Africa Trust where we redistribute up to 10% of our profit to local communities and initiatives. And we strive to be 100% carbon natural – not only do we we strive to be 100% carbon natural of our own office Carbon Footprint, but we also compensate completely the local CO2 emissions of your tour – accommodations, local transport or car rental, excursions etc.