Souvenirs: A memory of your trip, supporting the locals

Souvenirs: A memory of your trip, supporting the locals

When travelling, we always want to leave the country with souvenirs as a memory. Something that reminds us of the country and can make us feel like we are back there. But you also want to find something that is useful, and you will not shuffle it in the back of your cabinet.

South Africa is a country that has lots of entrepreneurs. People that started their own clothing line, make their own furniture, or selling homemade food. With the coronavirus, there have been so much more entrepreneurs than ever before. People that lost their job, now start to make their own
products to generate an income.

Now more than ever it is so important to support the local communities, local projects, and local businesses. As the president of South Africa has mentioned before: “We call on every South African to contribute to our recovery effort by choosing to buy local goods and support local businesses. This is one way that every one of us can contribute to building a new economy.”

The big brands, you will find anywhere in the world. And you know that you will not support the local communities and the country itself. Sometimes the local products are higher in price, than when you would buy it at a big brand. But this price includes the labor, quality, and support of a local person. An important quote about quality by Ramaphosa: “When you look at local manufacturing there is a misconception that our quality is not comparative with world standards that is a complete myth. The quality of clothing that gets manufactured in South Africa ranks amongst the best globally.”

When buying something local, you have a great impact on the locals, and you will know that your money is in the right space. And do not forget, you have something special to take home, reminding you of South Africa.

Some of our favorite local brands:

  • Home accessories: Carole Nevin and Nested the Collective.
  • Clothing: Bathini Design, Addo African Clothes, Desray, Ellasol, Goodclothing, and Mareth and Colleen.
  • Children toys: Colour me kids, _doughrayme, Origins Publishers, Willow, and Roo, Mauss.
  • Jewelry: Pichulik, Elizabeth Morr, Dear Ray, Lichen&Lief and Spirit Jewelry.
  • Furniture: Eco Furniture Design and Woodbender.