Discover Basotho hospitality, art and tradition

This land of intoxicating heights lies entirely above 1,388 meters and is nicknamed ´the Roof of Africa´. The scenery is spectacular with towering basaltic peaks, bizarre rock sculptures and mighty waterfalls that plunge into gaping canyons snaked through by crystal-clear rivers. Blanketed shepherds roam the countryside on foot or horseback, accompanied by flocks of sheep and Marino goats whose coats are used to produce the wool and mohair handicrafts for which Lesotho is famed. Basotho people wear straw hats and brightly coloured blankets to keep warm at such high altitudes. Locals are kind and friendly and will treat you and your family like one of them. Villages consist of stone-and-thatch huts – some even offer comfortable self-catering accommodation with splendid views of the surrounding landscape.


Rock art and fossils
Visit Ha Baroana, one of Lesotho’s rock-art sites. The San have left a superb gallery of animal paintings including leopard, lion, eland and guineafowl. Bushman life paintings depict hunting and dancing people in huts. Lesotho has a wealth of fossilised bones, trees, plants and shells and is known for having the largest concentration of dinosaur footprints in the world. Lesotho dinosaur fossils include Lesothosaurus, Massospondylus and Heterodontosaurus.


Lesotho offers a variety of adrenaline-filled activities. Ski and snowboard on the longest slope in Africa, or abseil the Maletsunyane Falls which holds the Guinness World Record for highest commercially operated abseil in the world. Kayak the Senqu River as it flows westwards towards the Atlantic Ocean or go quad or mountain biking on zigzagging routes amidst the beautiful mountain ranges. Join a 4×4 guided adventure and visit the highest pub in southern Africa at Sani Top Chalet, Sani Pass.


Open air activities
With over 280 different birds recorded, of which some are endemic to Lesotho and extremely rare, the country is a bird watcher’s paradise. Lesotho is also excellent for fishing and the mountain streams offer some of the best trout fishing in Africa. As the entire country is a network of bridle and footpaths, the nation is a perfect hiking or trekking destination and camping is possible anywhere. There are also many pony trekking options available.


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Country Information

  • Capital: Maseru
  • Currency: Lesotho Loti (LSL)
  • Official languages: Sesotho and English
  • Time zone: GMT+2
  • Airports: Moshoeshoe International Airport in Maseru

With hundreds of highlights and experiences, we help you plan and book your travel arrangements.

Abang Africa professional consultants will always ensure that you get value for money and a journey with a light carbon footprint.

Must-do activities in South Africa

  • Pony trek
  • Sani Pass
  • Visit a Basotho village
  • Abseiling – longest commercially operated single-drop abseil in the world
  • Hiking


Lesotho Tour Ideas

22 Days Roundtrip Limpopo – eSwatini – Lesotho (Private self-drive)

Stay with a host family and experience the local traditions. 

10 Days Trip Lesotho (Private Self-Drive)

Start the trip by travelling to the Southern- and Northern part of Drakensberg.

Pony Trekking and Overnight Stay at a Local Community

This ponytreck is through Lesotho’s beautiful mountain Landscape, where there is no access for motor vehicles. You will stay overnight