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Covid19 Policy

The world has changed in 2020 (when we met the unwelcome visitor covid 19). The travel industry had to reimagine/reinvent themselves. As soon as new ideas were put in place, everything ones again changed. The constant shifting of sands makes it difficult for the traveller, the industry and the local people whose livelihoods depend on it. The world has battled with the question how to find a balance between protecting our health, but also our economy. 

Tourism is a great contributor and investor in education, as it provides for many families to send their kids to school. Often, conservation and anti-poaching efforts depend in great deal on tourism as well. So does community upliftment work and many small businesses in Africa. (These are the values we stand by.) As an advocate for sustainable travel, we have committed ourselves to support these efforts and our local partners, as they battle to keep sporting their staff and the families.

What does that mean for you, the traveller?

Whenever the situation changes at your destination, to the extent that travel is deemed unsafe in relation to the covid travel restrictions, you will be refunded your deposit fully up to 4 weeks before departure. If your cancelation falls within the 4 weeks prior to departure, we would have paid all our partners, guesthouses, guides and excursions already. We would therefore either ask you to postpone your trip or if you would prefer to cancel your trip, we will adhere to our standard booking terms and conditions 

If you postpone your trip

We would do our absolute best to rebook your trip, on your newly chosen dates, as it was initially uniquely curated for you. This includes of course all the same lodges, guesthouses, excursions and game drives. If any of them are fully booked for the new dates you have chosen, we will then provide you with the best similar alternatives. We will always discuss this with your first! There might be extra charges, like the normal yearly increases, or seasonal increases if you opt to go on the peak season, but all of this will be communicated to you in a fair and transparent manner.

If you postpone your trip

If you choose to cancel your trip due to reasons other than the covid travel restrictions, your travel insurance will assist you. 

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