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Being one with nature, marshmallows on a campfire, stargazing, board games and good midnight chats. These are just a couple of the great memories we have, thinking back to the camping days.But we haven’t forgotten about the struggle of putting up our tent, midnight walks to the toilet and rain leaking through the tent. The best way of having both worlds is Glamping, the glamorous way of camping. Staying overnight in a luxury tent, with all facilities necessary. In South Africa there are different glamping places spread out over the country. These Glamping destinations are perfect for families. Children enjoy playing at the playground or swimming, while parents enjoy their quit time and reading

Cape Town is known for one of the best markets around. A perfect way of ending a busy workday or starting the weekend. Catch up with friends and family, enjoy a beer and taste some of the best local foods. These markets are also a great way to explore Cape Town as they are located in different places around the city. Almost every day of the week, there is a market taking place. Which is great, because you don’t have to adapt your trip, to make sure you can catch on of the markets. Only Monday’s and Tuesday’s you will have to do without. We would love to share some of our favorite markets

When travelling, we always want to leave the country with souvenirs as a memory. Something that reminds us of the country and can make us feel like we are back there. But you also want to find something that is useful, and you will not shuffle it in the back of your cabinet. South Africa is a country that has lots of entrepreneurs. People that started their own clothing line, make their own furniture, or selling homemade food. With the coronavirus, there have been so much more entrepreneurs than ever before. People that lost their job, now start to make their ownproducts to generate an income. Now more than ever it is so important

I think we are all excited to start travelling the world and exploring, after lockdown. But we are also a bit hesitant with the current situations and regulations in place. How does it look to travel, during this time? Your trip starts off course with the flight. If you fly within South Africa, you must fill in a health document that is checked upon arrival at the airport, as well as your temperature being taken. If you fly into South Africa, you currently also must show a negative COVID test, not older then72 hours. This is already quite stressful, mainly the temperature being taking. Cause if your temperature is too high, you won’t be