There are two ways to visit South Africa – you can SEE our beautiful country, or you can DO South Africa. Have the best experiences, stay with incredibly friendly families and get to know the country like never before. Are you up to a walk in a pristine mountain forest, visiting a goat diary and learning how to sculpt African Art? Feel the warm welcome of a true Venda community and experience what this fascinating culture is all about – this will be a tour to remember the rest  your life. One of Africa’s true great experiences is waiting for you to DO it!

Your tour begins in the Soutpansberg area, the area is South Africa’s most northern mountain range and stretches from east to west covering over 130 kilometers of unspoiled wilderness. The lodge you will be staying in is surrounded by mountains, forests, Holy lakes and sacred ruins right in the heart of Ancient Venda. After check in you can enjoy the wonders of nature and the bush during a forest walk. After the walk you can relax at the lodge with a cocktail then Dinner will be served.

Wake up to a scrumptious breakfast at the lodge then head off for the Baobab route hike up the Soutpansberg mountain. The hike offers diverse bushveld vegetation, mountain streams and birding possibilities. After lunch you can go for a beer tasting followed by a visit at a local cheese factory. End of your day relaxing on a lovely sundowner sunset cruise on the Albasini Lake whilst enjoying the beauty of the African sunset.

Optional Activities:

  • Visit the Fruit Market
  • Visit a Dairy Farm 

After a hearty breakfast on your veranda you will depart for a full day of the Open Africa Ribola Art Route. On this full day art route, in the heart of the Bokhota village you will discover the many talents of the Limpopo people showcasing their handmade arts & crafts. You will be taken on a journey of extraordinary ancient myths & legends of this region meeting the locals who will share their stories and experiences with you, story tellers, Ribola art musicians, traditional dancers and see where the Modjadji makes rain. After your action-packed day, you will make your way back to the lodge for dinner.

One of the highlights of this tour is to stay in an authentic, remote Venda Village in the Limpopo province. You will be staying with one of the local families, getting to know their traditions, culture and daily way of lives. This is a unique experience for both yourself as the local community members. On your drive to the Makushu village you will be met by hundreds of majestic Baobab trees. Once you get there you will be be taken to the Royal Kraal where the chief and the princess will welcome you and share more about the history of the village. Before meeting your new family at your homestay you will be welcomed by the Royal Domba dancers in the traditional hospitable African manner. You will then meet your hosts before going on a short village walk and enjoy a traditional lunch at your home with some locals. On the walk you will get the chance to meet some local artist and get in touch with your creative side as you create your own master piece that you can take home as a souvenir. After all your hard work you will enjoy a traditionally brewed beer and dinner at your homestay. followed by a storytelling session with the community.

Optional Activities:

  • Drum Lessons
  • Dance Lesson


Wake up to the sound of the African alarm clock (Cock-adoodle-dooo) and go for an early morning mountain hike to get the birds-eye-view of the beautiful village and the beautiful Nzhelele dam before heading down for breakfast. After breakfast you will depart for the majestic Makgabeg mountains where you will will be taken back into time and see its interesting rock formations that date back millions of years. The area boasts over 600 ancient rock art sites, Jonas a qualified guide will also tell you everything you need to know about the fauna and flora in this area. A traditional lunch will be prepared by the locals in this area, they might even teach you how to make a fire using the same methods as their ancestors. Tonight, you will experience the big skies of Venda land with qualified astronomer Abel.

Optional Activities:

  • Traditional Venda Beading
  • Fishing at Nzhelele Dam

After breakfast it will be time to say your goodbyes to your family and the village community members. You will take a drive to the sacred Lake Fundudzi on the Mutale river where according to legend a giant python lives and maidens were sacrificed to the python to ensure good crops and rain. Remember the rule is you can ONLY view the lake through your legs.

Optional Activities:

  • Visit Dzata Museum with a hop on hop off guide